June 13, 2022

Fishkin Lucks Successfully Moves to Stay Proceedings and Compel Arbitration in the New Jersey Superior Court

The Firm successfully moved to stay proceedings and compel arbitration in an action brought in the Superior Court of New Jersey (Mercer County) by the former CEO of the Firm’s client, a publicly traded oil and gas exploration company. The Firm moved to stay the former CEO’s claims, which arose from his termination from the Company, arguing that he should be compelled to arbitrate them in London based on an arbitration clause in his employment agreement with the Company .The former CEO opposed the motion, arguing that his claims did not arise out of the employment agreement and were not otherwise arbitrable under English law. After extensive briefing, which included affidavits from English law experts, the Court agreed with the Firm’s arguments and stayed the claims in their entirety pending arbitration in London.